Influential Women Of 21st Century

In Chemistry, Physics, Math, Leadership, Art, Literature and Medicine categories

We take a look at some of the groundbreaking and inspirational females, who have been pioneers in leading fields of science and social good through 21st century. Each of these women dared to challenge convention and step outside of their expected roles to be aspiring for others in the society and younger generation. This visualization also demonstrates engagement of women from various regions of the world, in different fields.

By choosing a person you can view all the other women in the same category and decade in the secondary plot.

Created by:

Parvin Dadgar - Faeze Brahman - Wen Cui for CMPS 263: Data Driven Discovery Visualization, Winter 2018.

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Github Link: here

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Data Sources
Visual and Code Sources
  • d3.layout.grid
  • Force Layout Multiples (Independent)
  • BRIME: bulk image resizer
  • Mediawiki for query images